10 Video Game Villains You Completely Humiliated


For when simple defeat isn’t enough.

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  1. I wouldn't say that any of the borderlands bosses were memorable on their own imo
    The only reason I remember handsome Jack is because he had a collector's edition named after him or something

  2. I wanna see how sane someone is after not being able to feel cold, hunger, pain, pleasure or anything. Just really, tell me, a year after losing all those sensation… Balder WANTED to die compared to what he was living through, that wasn't a humiliating death in my eyes.

  3. Did you guys really just call it sly raccoon? Don't you mean Sly Cooper and the thievius racconus you uncultured swines

  4. I swear… Ash and Jules are my two favourites from WhatCulture, and now this rivalry here..? That's beautiful.


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