15 Times GAMERS Spent CRAZY Amounts of Money On Mobile Games


Mobile and free to play games (especially browser-based titles) have gotten better with their micro-transactions over the years while also increasing substantially in quality. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few examples, whether recent or in the past several years, of people spending exorbitant amounts of money on these games.

Heck, at least one guy suffered immense charges without micro-transactions. Let’s take a look at 15 times players spent crazy amounts of money on mobile games.


Mafia Wars




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  1. Yesterday I took one day break cause I felt like I spent to much on a mobile game and today I saw the South Park episode about mobile games apps and I realized I was caught i spent in total on all the mobile games I have played about 4K real shit like I could have used that money for other stuff and it took watching that specific South Park episode to realize that I need to stop this is an addiction fam and I will never play another mobile game ever again

  2. The highest amount of money I spent on a game was $20 dollars. I couldn't image spending money on a game like that. I play 3 games as of now. 1 of them I never put money on it and got ledgdary skins on, the 2nd I used too but I stopped after I lost tons of rare items due to a glitch and. The 3rd I sometimes I do. I spend roughly 20 dollars on it a year

  3. Damnnn bruhh unless you fucking modded real life and got unlimited money, don't fucking spend this much money. If you do then you are just an idiot, this is a fact not my opinion. These idiots spent a million lmao, play for a couple of years then all that money and REAL LIFE WORK, in game work and time WASTED. I feel so sad for these people

  4. Most of the people here are rookies. There are entire guilds out there for specific games where members spend in the tens of thousands.

  5. A player in my server on Zombie Seige spent around 20 grand ina couple months. I cant play that game.. we know because of how fast they grow power and troop numbers.

  6. Right now a mobile game i play costs $36,600 usd to reach max vip level and i plan to reach that by the end of the year

  7. Okay im realizing after watching this that ive got a problem. I spent 12,000$ in 6 months in 2016 on a mobile streaming app and over 26,000$ on another mobile game in 2017

  8. I spent $1500 USD on a mobile game my first hour playing it. I played for 3 days and dont play it anymore

  9. Lords mobile and Rise of Kingdoms should be here.. There's a lot of people spending crazy amount of money in these games.

  10. Nothing compared to clash royale AY or the leader of nova who maxes all the account and has spent more than 20 million

  11. Used to play a fantastic Chinese made game. there were 3 players that payed to win. I followed one and realised that for him to get to the level he was he had to spend over 30k … Than someone from another kingdom said that the devs plant players with almost infinite resources. Their growth than encourages other players to spend big .. .this person told us that showed us screenshots of the suspected plant that was in his guild on the other world. I'm now playing another game by the same developers. Also a beautifully built game, but the worst p2w I've seen. 3 weeks in and someone is already maxed out everything. Considering it takes 3 months to upgrade the buildings to the last level I can't imagine how much this guy sunk … unless the plant thing is a real thing.

  12. Some of this are weak bro and should not be on the list and worth mentioning. Like $1,000 on Mobile Game? That's is nothing.

    Now the 2mils, that one just top the cake.

  13. Forgot about the game Lords Mobile huh ? there are a few players that spent over 3 million dollars on there account’s and hundreds of players that spent well over 100k on there account’s so do ya fact check even I spent well over 20k in a short year

  14. That's nothing in rise of kingdoms there's thousands of kingdoms and each one has like 100+ people dropping $10-20k

  15. Mamba – Ragnarok mobile should be made on the list

  16. Similar story: I went to fix my iPad he wanted to know the CVV there was a tattooed man that herd it and spend – 10000 but luckily apple refunded the money and my mom blocked the credit card so he won’t spend money because it’s over he know the CVV and password because of the stupid shop


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