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Attacking players on my main base with 24 max level 5 Bombarders! Boom Beach HQ 23 with maxed offense gameplay! What level are your Bombarders!?

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Boom Beach is a strategy game and combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer based bases. The game’s story-line is set in a tropical archipelago with the player on an island with defenses and troops (similar to the gameplay in Supercell’s Clash of Clans game) Players can build their base, upgrading their defenses and other buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. Boom Beach includes single player campaign play as well as the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode. It has been a top 10 game in 22 countries at its launch. The game pits the player vs. an enemy known as “The Blackguard” who are often represented by Lt. Hammerman. Apart from the main aspect of the game, there is also a cooperative form where you create task forces. Everyone must gather Intel (whether it be by surviving or ordering attacks, or by rewards), where then upper classed players then attack bases. Each attack lasts a day, with a varying amount of Intel in order to initiate, and the bases are separated from archipelago. (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.)

Track: Elektronomia – Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. Bombardier are brutal… love these little dudes… I love these with Grenadiers…

    I find everspark with critters and these work well. As you have distraction, mine clearance, and the distraction keeps things away

  2. Warships is so RIGGED, just because gridies don’t want anymore give diams and boost at the end
    so they only let people go up in classification only if you waste money and diams in the ship. PATHETIC

  3. Why do the fuck tards that made this game. Fuck up so much. Really cut the game out half way threw attacks. Take all your guys. Go fuck yourselves. Try and figure out your game before having people sign up for it. Done with this game. Sucked anyway.

  4. The cheaters of bombeach have a way to make you lose points in classification. You don’t receive bases to attack. It’s so RIDICULOUS . the only game where you can’t attack when you want, it’s the game which decide who and when . SO RIGGED

  5. Booumbeach is RIGGED. All is fake. Don’t pay for playing. If you do, it’s lost of money and lost of time.
    You play against unfair AI. It’s more unfair more you up in classification

  6. HOW you doing Fusion(cosmic duo)???

    May I ask What is the best Offensive Approach…when it comes to being a Gold 16 with level 4 engine…I seem to be stuck and can’t push forward…


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