A Tribute to Minecraft


A retrospective on my favorite game, probably ever.

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Texture pack: John Smith

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  1. Jschlatt 2018: "Minecraft let's plays were just shouting compertitions"

  2. I'm pulled back in a world when nothing really mattered, when things were easy, when I was happy" 😭😭😭 I cried bro cause fuck was that real

  3. I'm crying a little bit right now, I accidentally deleted my first minecraft worlds. they were nothing special. I never even got any diamonds and I just played on peaceful mode. But to me. it was going outside and looking at the cave I was too scared to explore on peaceful mode. And sleeping before the zombies came (on peaceful) I just want those days back, or at least, to see my world one last time… It was called Awesome world of Survival, and it was my first world on minecraft. in 2012… my brother walked me through the first stages of the game, and I remember using my grandma's macbook with the trackpad, and changing my build key to x because I couldn't right click on the trackpad. It's just the good times, man. Awesome video <3

  4. As of this comment, this is the last day for the classic nether, in a couple of hours the new nether is released.

  5. I remember an old world me and my cousin used to play on 24/7 a while back, we thought it was the best ever. Then came a little sister, and as she grew, I decided to give it to her, as I lost interest. However, I had to delete all my accounts and worlds, which wasnt a big deal at the time. But now, around 7 years later, I remember that world and and I wish I could go back to be honest, just for the feeling(and the soundtrack too). Life is moving on and school happened(not at the moment), and stuff changed, especially with a loved ones loss, such as schlatt's case. Now, I have a new pc and am getting java soon. Its unreal how times change and you wish you could just go back. But i guess that's life…

  6. Bro I choked up in the end. I remember being in middle school not having a Xbox and playing on my iPod 4 with my cousin through modded servers with jailbreaks. Some of the best memories to a simpler time man. One thing Ive always kept about Minecraft is C418 ‘s album. I all throughout high school I’d play it whenever I needed to relax or fall asleep and even now I’m college. Minecraft is so much more than a game to me now, it is a vault of memories of my past

  7. It doesn't make sense that I'm crying over this and I don't know why but this hit me….. HARD, like a brick, and it is just so intense, I just wanttted to say thank you for everything

  8. I’ve never cried to a YouTube video till now, I’ve never seen this side of Schlatt from the streams and videos of him that I have watched

  9. "Unchanged since I started to become the man I am today."



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