Awesome HD 1080p Gaming Capture Card – USB 3.0 – HDMI – Bypass HDCP – Live Stream


HD 1080p Gaming Capture Card – HDMI – Bypass HDCP – Live Streaming
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Retail Info:
YK752 is a USB 3.0 FHD video capture box,no need to install a driver,very convenient.
Supports 3rd party software like OBS,VLC,XSplit,can record video from video source via HD,like PS3,PS4,XBOX,WII etc.
Support 4K input,capture resolution up to 1080p 60fps, you can easily capture,record or live stream any favorite video or gaming video and share it to YouTube,twitch etc

◆ Record streaming video from UVC video device.
◆ Support 4K input,capture resolution up to 1080p 60fps.
◆ Watching video while recording.
◆ Support up-to-1080p image quality at 30fps,10MBps.
◆ Snapshot in PNG, JPEG, motivation GIF format.
◆ Short video capture,conveniently share in social media.
◆ Personalize watermark,location,date and time information while recording.
◆ Add effect to video while recording,such as “Vertical flip” and “Grey scale image”.

Computer system support:
Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 7 (x86, x64)
OS X (10.10 or above)
Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Model: YK752
Video input resolution supports: 640×480, 720×480, 720×576, 800×600, 1024×768,1280×720, 1280×1024, 600×1200, 1920×1080, 4K2K 30HZ.
Input: HD 1.4 4K 30Hz
Capture format: MJPEG,YUY2
Sampling rate: 48kHz PCM
Port: OTG or USB Type-C
Android 5.0 or above

In the box:
1 x USB 3.0 FHD Video Capture
1 x USB 3.0 Cable
1 x USB Type A to Type C Adapter
1 x User Manual

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  1. Is this a good alternative for camlink? I was wondering if this thing worth because camlink or avermedia is just so expensive.

  2. I'm not very smart so i'm confused on something. Can you only put the PlayStation and Firestick screen on the laptop or can you just get better graphics in general on your laptop.

  3. Fella I’ve got a similar capture card but do you have to use the laptop/pc for the display how can this be done with a smart tv. As I want to play off my smart tv and record and stream onto Facebook live? I can get to what you’ve achieved but can’t figure out how to get a TV involved. Cheers mate

  4. sorry men, what's is hdcp? my question is, if it will work on DJI Mavic2 controller,
    i have a drone that the remote has HDMI output, so I want to see that picture on MaCbook pro.. I tried on Tv and works but I want my my as monitor

  5. 1. Does the capture card heat up?
    2. How’s the captured video in terms of quality? Can you see any blockyness/compression when recording 1080p 60 when there is a lot of moving detail?
    (3. Can you connect multiple of these on the same time)

    There are linux users like me who are interested, you didn’t mentioned it but luckily there was a linux logo in the box

  6. Question:
    I dont wanna stream, if i did something cool in game and i wasn’t recording, and i use my ps4 to clip the past 5 minutes (the ps4 slim clips on 720p) will i be able to upload the clip to youtube on 1080p?

  7. ⚠️PLEASE HELP⚠️
    Ok, So On PS4 Slim, You Can Only Record Clips On Crap 720p Quality, I Wanna Make Videos On 1080p Or Higher, But I Cant, If I Get A Capture Card, I Dont Have A PC Or Laptop, What Do I Do? And I Edit My Videos On Sharefactory, How Would I Upload 1080p Videos? On PS4?😭

  8. Nice! Is it possible to plug in an android phone and record from that? Can you just use some sort of HDMI to micro usb adapter to do that?

  9. I want to connect several device to this device, looks great. But I want to live stream straight to Twitch or Youtube , so for example let's say I'm checking out a Raspberry Pi, plug into this capture card , and capture card into PC/Laptop – can I then do a live stream from Youtube/Twitch from PC …? will it lag and will it work…

  10. like other capture cards do you need a decent laptop or pc to capture the footage, I have a laptop with a ryzen 3 mobile cpu and 4 gigs of ddr4 ram. was looking for a capture card just to record straight from console to usb or external hdd


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