Awesome Video Game Music 171: Philistine (Rank 4: Margaret)



No More Heroes 2, having finished it recently, was an awesome game. It has its flaws (especially the disappointing final boss), but it’s a great sequel to the first game. I’m still having a hell of a time deciding which I like more. They’re both so different…
One of the main reasons why it’s so great is because of its boss battles- and boss music. Especially the theme of Rank 4, Margaret. I’ve probably never been this quickly hooked by a boss theme. Ever.

It’s so catchy it should be illegal. It’s so catchy that even Travis starts humming it after the battle. Not to mention it establishes Margaret’s personality in the absence of a large-scale intro. I love the vocals. The lyrics. The beat. The guitar. Probably my favourite NMH boss theme at the moment. It’s just so… upbeat. I love it.


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  1. Margaret's gothic lolita outfit, her scythe rifles, ability to teleport, as well as this "catchy as hell" song with actual lyrics that plays WHILE you fight her makes her the best boss in this game, bar none

  2. Anyone realize that Ruby Rose and Margaret Moonlight have the same damn weapon

    Freaking Scythe that double as rifles

  3. I love how this entire song is essentially Margaret calling Travis out for climbing up the ranks, killing many people, just to get payback on Jasper Batt Jr. This song did much better than what the ENTIRE FINAL BOSS failed to do.

  4. "Reaper reaper. that's what people call me. Why? Cause they all die. When I sing I end their lives. You act as though payback makes you a nobleman is that a fact. Well you're a goddamn philistine!"

  5. Hopefully she'll return in NMH3 with another amazing song. If Destroyman can come back from death, why not her?
    Maybe Suda will even bother to reveal more about her relationship with Alice.

  6. image margaret singing a concert and reaper from overwatch is just rocking out to her singing while everyone is just watching and being like "what?" that would he awesome in my opinion.

  7. Let's see, sniper scythes, weird powers, dressed like lolia alliterative names…. ruby rose is based off margaret moonlight! it's so obvious!

  8. The song is great, don't get me wrong, but it really doesn't make much sense if it about travis, he's never said he was a hero nor did he ever hide why he's doing it, he IS however a LOT less sadistic than almost every single other person he fights, I'd much rather see travis on the other side of the street than any of the people that kill for fun and are crazy, for instance, margaret.

  9. Hey, Alex, I know this video's old, but I'm curious if you've heard the Japanese version of Philistine. If so, which do prefer? The American, or the Japanese?

  10. Die Musik werde ich nie vergessen <3 
    I will never forget this music <3 
    R.I.P. Margaret! I wish you can choose who lives or dies in this game….

  11. Two kinds of people: those who pronounce the 'w' in "sword" and those who don't.
    This singer is one of them.

  12. Bit late but this should be pretty straightforward.This song is as much about bringing down Travis's ego as it is for saying how badass she is. A philistine is someone who has no appreciation for intelligent pursuits so the lesson she's teaching you?

     Think on this and actually understand what you're doing(why your revenge isn't noble). Travis memorizing her song isn't just him being nice, it's him getting closer to actual character development. 

  13. I still disagree with the point about the final boss being disappointing, Jasper batt represented how childish revenge was, and how Travis finally defeated him may symbolise that by the end of the game, he was past getting revenge and just wanted to take down the association…


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