BASE GAME FAMILY HOME | NO CC | SIMS 4 | Stop Motion + Machinima


Today’s video is a modern farmhouse base game family home with no cc in the Sims 4. As always this is a stop motion and his time I included a machinima at the end, instead of my usual walkthrough. I love the story and I hope you will too.

This large modern farmhouse family home is base game only, it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 2 family rooms and a large backyard with a curved pool. It is a perfect family home with everything you need and available to download on the gallery.

Gallery artwork by: Juwels64, SimsationalToo, FruitLoops40, Aljay2000
Sims: Huffman Family by Zany200

If you like this build and are curious about how I build a few of the elements (fire pit, fireplace, bed…), I made a little tutorial breaking it all down here:

Available for download on the Sims 4 Gallery (ID: summerrplays)
TRAY files (SFS)

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❤ Ikea Modern Farmhouse

❤ Modern Scandinavian Apartment

❤ Beauty GuruFashion Influencer Apartment

❤ Modern Beach House

❤ Modern Luxury Home

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Cheats used: (activate cheat window by pressing shift + ctrl + c on your keyboard)
testingcheats true
bb.moveobjects on

**Always use moveobjects before placing my builds

***Please note that The Sims 4 is rated +13 and that this video is not intended for children.

Music by Epidemic Sound


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  1. Happy Saturday! Today's video is all BASE GAME and its available on the gallery as a little thank you to all my console and non TSR followers/subscribers. This video was a lot of fun and do stick till the end. Instead of my usual walkthrough just showing the house I did like a full story to go with the house. I hope you guys like it ❤
    If you liked this build you will love this one
    If you are curious about how I built some elements (fire pit, bed…) I have a tutorial breaking it down here

  2. Check list:
    Amazing builder:✅
    Always keep promises:✅
    Making sure it's not cc:👀….✅
    I mean every good builder makes it look like it's cc and not base game

  3. this is great! in the dining area where can I find those glassware cupboards? also – the tv area did you use long base game cupboards?


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