Best Twitch Cringe Moments


This one is pretty fun I hope you will enjoy it guys!

Streamers in a row:

Outro Song: Override – Whoops
Music provided by FreeMusicWave.
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  1. 8:18 I bet if we could see into his mind he would look like an anime character with a red face while yelling " I CAN'T BELIEVE I SMELLED A GIRL!!!"

  2. My fucking god I’m not sure why I’m surprised the first clip on a video with this title is someone playing Runecape! Lmfao!

  3. Wow the first dude was tough to watch. Ultimate cringe! Yikes😳 I'd like to know who follows any of these clowns though seriously

  4. that guy talking to his waifu was like yeah baby girl ima ride fa u on gawd these niggas aint got nun on me and witchu by my side we aint eva gon trip and das on blood real shit baby gurl u my one

  5. 2:25

    Why are those two youngsters so embarassed when one of their moms shows up? And then the girl shoves her cleavage in front of the camera as a distraction, LOL.

  6. oh my god the audiences on these events are so fucking dead, full of socially inept people, hosts try their best but it ends up being cringe af

  7. it's kinda like, the audience and these people they interviewing that's cringe.. the caster and the performers are just doing their job


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