BLUE GUARDIAN: Margaret – Part 4: Swallowed, Suckered, and Stoned


Now that Margaret has reached the Courtyard, it’s time to investigate its underground, which is also completely underwater.

There are four knight statues here, each with a different color of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. You have to destroy three of them in the right order, then touch the remaining one in order to unlock a new path.

The deal with this is that the order is always changed each time you play the game. Take note of the plates at 00:20 to find the 4 hints of what color statues you have to break:

– The first note refers to the small pool to the far left. Its corners have green markings.
– The second note refers to the deep entrance into the Underground of the Courtyard. The marking in the top-center is red.
– The third note refers to a third marking being under the far right of the three white columns. This marking is yellow.
– The fourth and final note is referring to you just touching the last color statue that wasn’t marked.

So for this playthrough, I must destroy the green, red, and yellow statues underground, in that order, then touch the blue statue. This opens a new path so that Margaret can progress further (as well as get a new Checkpoint and an air pocket).

Now for the enemies in this underground area. There are a bunch of topless gorgons here. They’re immune to bullets, but they can be killed by missiles. Nonetheless, let them touch you, and they’ll smooch the hell out of Margaret! This drains her air fast, and also boosts her Excitement. So you get your good and your bad, I think?

There are also actual snakes, here. If you don’t move slowly pass them, they’ll unleash a ray that turns Margaret to stone, an instant Game Over! Being drowned by gorgons has its own Game Over art, too! Both of these deaths are featured in the video’s thumbnail!

Carefully swim your way towards another door without becoming a status yourself or getting kissed to drowning. You’ll find a sealed room. To the right is another Save Room, but then there’s a path to the left, which leads to a plate that explains about the Soul of the Great Beast…

Make a new path through there and use missiles to open a pit that leads to the fourth boss: A giant plant monster!

This thing can actually eat Margaret if you let it open its mouth for too long. It’s Game Over art is pretty disgusting where Margaret is stuck inside its innards. It also likes to release red spiders everywhere.

To kill it, use the platforms in the area to aim at its webbed brain, use missiles to clear the webbing, and then keep shooting at its exposed brain with more missiles or normal shots.

Beating this boss will grant Margaret her fourth power up: Wall Kicking! She can now wall jump, and you can use the pause menu to see how fast or slow she slides down walls.

This also drains the water in the underground, but those lusty gorgons and those snakes are still about. The gorgons can’t kill you on land, but they’ll still raise Margaret’s Excitement and potentially tear through her clothes. Seems like they just want to get intimate with Margaret, period…

So now, you have an alternate way to make it back outside. Wall jump to a door that leads into a Dark Passage. At its end, there will be the Survey Corps Commander again. He almost spots Margaret, but then leaves on an elevator.

Now Margaret feels even MORE suspicious of this guy… Especially with everything he said to himself…


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  1. Will she die if she kisses the lamia enough times on land when its dry? I know that she drowns when in the water but what about when out of water? and whats that pink mist hanging around her after kissing the lamia?


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