Board Game Reviews Ep #34: MAZING


This board game was sent to me by the designer, Clint Amstrup:

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  1. Simple fixes to the problems at least: Roll a D4 die instead and add 2 to every roll (rolls will be between 3-6 spaces each, so its a bit more fair), and add a penalty for using an action card, like you forfeit your move on that turn, or minus-2 to your movement. You could even just take a number of action cards out of the deck so they're more rare

  2. i think allowing each player to walk on their own wall tiles, plus perhaps a method for replacing other's tiles with your own could allow for an interesting strategy mechanic where you use tiles to not only block other players, but to stop them from blocking you

  3. I really appreciate you reviewing this game. I can see the downfalls, but from what I can see it's the perfect game for me to be able to enjoy with my family (including all the way up from a 46 year old to a 9 year old.) I need more games that can be enjoyable for players of all ages, but accessible to children. If you have any other recommendations for that I would greatly appreciate it!

  4. I like this idea! It’s like Quoridor with more variance. My one complaint right away is that 1d6 movement is not a good movement system. I’d have, say, a base 3 movement speed that’s modified by a d4, or action cards, or something else.

  5. Game looks great, but I don't know how high the draw rate is for these action cards. It seems too high, maybe you could replace the one on the dice with an ACTION icon to make them more situational, but I don't like that kind of artificial balance. My other concern is that the board is to large. I don't think this is a rational criticism, but It should take about 24 moves to get from one side of the board to the other making the board 5×5 these are all just nitpicks, I'll definitely look out for this game, but I could put in a lot of effort and make a better version of this game that's an issue.


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