"Bomb Disarming Puzzle in a Suitcase" Game


I created an “escape room-esque” game that is contained within a small suitcase. In total, there are about 15-20 puzzles and sub-puzzles that need to be solved in order to disarm the “explosives”. Players are given 60 minutes to arrange puzzles, decipher clues hidden in QR codes, connect cities in maps to form numbers, decode morse signals, and other similar things.

This video shows the sequence needed to solve the puzzle (along with some purposeful wrong entries) to show how the different components work. During an actual play-through, the player would need to reference and solve documents that are stored in the briefcase’s lid.

Additional pictures and build information can be found here:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. hi, like your work very much, are you willing to share the game play and puzzles and documents. thanks hope to here from you. it would be nice to work on this project in corona times 😉

  2. Hi Jason I love this briefcase puzzle and decided to make my own version to play with the family. What do you think? https://youtu.be/PtR5pOJaVkU Have you made any mode puzzles like this I took mine into the localk school and the pupils in electronics club loved solving the clues.

  3. Awesome build! From the looks of the layout and code it looks as though the switch passcode is hardwired. Do you think having a randomized or even a multi-scenario bomb would exceed the limits of the Arduino GPIO pins?

  4. fantastic job! this looks like a lot of fun. You can't beat physical switches/dials/buttons when it comes to that satisfying 'click'. how did you print or manufacture the attachment surface? some of those switches take a bit of force to move, keypads can be abused, and it looks pretty solid

  5. Well, I found a new project to try out! Don't know if it'll look this good, but damn if it isn't inspiring to look at!

  6. Is there any chance you would share some more details or maybe code would love to make this as a Christmas gift for a friend. don't think it is possible to make it before Christmas but then again Christmas happens ones a year. 🙂


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