CALL ME MR. DIP…LOCAULUS – Part 25 – Jurassic World: The Game (Mobile)


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  1. Irritater is a type of spinosaraus there is over 12 different types of spinosaraus for a tip to you guys love your videos

  2. I didnt realise how easy this game actually is,when I first installed it I spent all my money and a little while ago I deleted it because it was so irritating and I had no money…I have made a terrible mistake

  3. I love the series keep it going but I have a tip put 2 bad dinosaurs 1in the front and one in the back then put 1 really good dino in the middle so the dinosaurs you fight against are not high level 👍👍👍👍I also love the Ark series

  4. There's another island you unlock at level 45 I think, it's big too. Wait, nvm I just realized you saw the other

  5. If you ever do a dino-diary of the diplocaulus, i suggest that you make him the guy who's wife took his kids and left him and he keeps bringing it up in literally every conversation he has. A little bit like princaple Shepherd from the show called: "family guy". And i also have a question: who actually voices Blue in the "if dinosaurs could talk" series?

  6. Great video, it was awesome the timing of this video I was eating breakfast and I was full and happy (u know how u get that feeling when ur full) and I sat down to go on my iPad and I saw this and it was awesome, and the video was even better with that full feeling.

  7. I Got Carl in JW TG 🙂 and i got to LV 15 When i was LV 10 So LV 10 To LV 15 🙂 also The Carl is a Pack Card

  8. It’s pronounced dip low shis, the diplodocus is KENNITH, from evolution. I watch later in the video and you corrected yourself.

  9. If you fuse the irratator and the diplocus it can make the diplodator and it will be better than your trex i have a lever 30 and its a beast.

  10. Why did you stop the ark you said you would leave when Spencer dies or you get to the end! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ):

  11. Jacob. why has nobody corrected us on the diplocaulus
    Me. You said it yourself you pronounce things wrong intentionally

  12. I mean, uh, i always thought you called Diplocaulus as Diplodocus on purpose…guess not 🤣.
    Irritator is part of the Spinosaurid family, so i guess it kinda looks like a Spino..
    And if you get a Code 19, DONT IGNORE IT. Either send Owen or do it manually. If you ignore it, and the timer runs out then the creature will escape and you will not be able to use it in battle. And to retrieve this creature, you have send 3 other creatures, also which you cannot use for battle! And they take a long time to come back. So dont ignore Code 19….


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