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  1. If you use two hands, you have a much more stable grip than before and you also absorb the shock and recoil by the gun better. Else, a newbie could strain their hands, maybe even cause severe injury

  2. One of the writers got this very wrong, Gwen a form police officer when she first is recruited into Torchwood Jack says when reading her profile "she even has a marksman metal"

  3. She was a cop, right? This should be part of basic training. OH WAIT…. they're in the UK. Give her a spoon.

  4. Jack/John is capable of making everything sexual and I love him for it.

    I still remember the time when David Tennant kissed him on a conference or something and he passed out xD

  5. Sorry to see the writers apparent lack of proper firearms handling and usage shown.
    It's too bad that the commoners have lost their rights to firearms and self defense.
    It shows!

  6. I would say I wish torchwood would come back but then again I wouldn't want them destroying the series like with doctor who.

    Shame BBC , Shame
    you have brought shame to the The Sontarans race!
    Strax would be disappointed!!!!!

  7. Torchwood 2019: Captain Jack faces his greatest challenge yet – a HR department hearing on inappropriate behavior.

  8. He's teaching her wrong. You do, in fact, want to use two hands. The Modified Weaver Stance is what he should teach first. One handed and off-handed is taught afterwards.

  9. Her first shot is the best, if the only TV narative/demo of how to shoot target shot discipline I have ever seen.

  10. Someone needs to teach Jack to shoot first. That wrist grab and the teacup thing are old school hollywood. Nice to see the SIGs in the mix. Prefer Inox or Bruniton finish on the Beretta though rather than the nickel.

  11. Think about it, he had to do that with everyone! I'm trying to imagine Jack teaching Owen how to shot a gun, Owen would probably kill him xD


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