Chicku – Escape The Chicken Nugget Factory – Let's Play Chicku Gameplay Part 1


Let’s Play Chicku Gameplay Part 1! Welcome everybody to Chicku, Chicku is a brutal platformer that takes the mechanics of Flappy Bird and pits it off with difficult platforming levels similar to Super Meat Boy. Overall a great little platformer with a sad but hilarious storyline. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Chicku, thanks for watching and liking!

Chicku Gameplay Playlist:

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Intro Track: Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström


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  1. Hah, that chicken looks skinny compared to Mean McAllister. Why don't you try another chicken game called- Chicken Assassin Master of Humiliation. We can give you Steam game key 🙂

  2. "Is that a chicken body just floating there- Yes it is… that is horrifying… O_o hahaha

    Absolutely Love this game, and awesome vid as always, Dra! I just had to buy it after watching!

    Just posted my first day of playing if anyone wants to compete for deaths… haha… it ain't pretty… and I probably won…


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