CLA Game Fair 2012 – report from site


We speak to the man who made the decision to cancel this year’s Game Fair. We’re also counting the cost, speaking to the traders such as York Guns. There’s comment from shooting champion George Digweed and Sporting Rifle editor Peter Carr. Plus lots of shots of the very very wet site. Do you think it would have survived a 150,000 strong crowd?

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  1. There are many types of ground support products on the hire market for both pedestrians and vehicles up to 44 tonnes, but unfortunately this year the Olympics claimed almost all of the major plant hire companies stocks. I know this because the plant hirer that i work for hires such a product. Many other events including Sonisphere and Glastonbury were also cancelled due to the shortage of access and marshalling stock so if you want to blame anything blame the Olympics and look forward to 2013

  2. A shame ,but even up here in Yorkshire the Yorkshire show has also been cancelled also costing millions ,good ol'e british summer eh .

  3. What a cock up lads, wonder if he cancels a shoot if it rains ? There's enough stalls selling wellies /waterproofs / umbrella's there ain't there ?

  4. The correct assessment & decision at the right time imo.
    Another ‘Jet Stream’ casualty unfortunately..

    atb t ..


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