COD Black Ops 2 Gun Game Funny Moments: Humiliation Rage Frenzy, Wildcat Rage & Face-cam Giggles!


COD Black Ops 2 Gun Game Funny Moments: Humiliation Rage Frenzy, Wildcat Rage & Face-cam Giggles!

Back at it again with the knifing and making them rage, Wildcat rages and regrets it instantly & let me know what you think of the new webcam integration, didn’t want to have face-cam on screen all the time but to capture my reactions also. I think you will like the outcome but please let me know in the comments what you think of it 😀

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  1. So cheers to the editor. That is the most useful way to use a facecam and most entertaining way to see it. It's so much more enjoyable seeing Terroriser's face bobbing up and down from whichever direction. I loved this.

  2. I aspire to be Brian. Not because hes good, or because hes awesome, but because no matter what game they play he finds a way to royally piss them off and i love it

  3. Anyone in this comment section getting mad Brian because he makes moo mad set in a room at 12 am jacking Off to pictures of moo

  4. 12:09 from the perspective of Wildcat is the definition of: “What a person sees before they die” and it’s Terroriser running at them in a gungame

  5. Brian I understand a while ago all your friends were being mean to you and you were the butt of the joke and you are the b** boy who was always quiet and said nothing but now I like that you're standing up for yourself and having fun with your friends it's awesome and great entertainment with you knife in your friends and getting them to scream


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