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Are you any good at predicting the future? If so, then Colorama II is the game for you! In this video we visited a local arcade and played Colorama II. Some how me missed part one. We have to be on the lookout for Colorama I at future arcade visits. Anyhow, I have to admit, we did not do very good at predicting where that ball would finally stop at. Let us know what you think about this game.

How Colorama II works:
The goal in Colorama II is to try and predict which color zone the ball will stop in. Each color zone has a different ticket value. The larger the color zone, the less tickets it is worth.

For each token/quarter that you put in, you are allowed to choose one of the five colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, and Yellow. Once the rotating circle in the middle stops spinning, the ball will continue to go around the circle. Eventually, the ball will stop within one of the color zones. If you chose the corresponding color at the beginning, you will the amount of tickets set for that color zone.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, be sure to select the color that has the largest color zone in the circle. You could also put in multiple credits and choose multiple color zones at the beginning.

Good luck at predicting the future!

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  1. Harrah's Lake Tahoe has a Colorama II machine with multiple positions around the wheel. This game is basically roulette with tickets instead of chips.

    Harrah's Lake Tahoe's arcade still uses metal tokens and paper tickets. Nearby in Reno, all arcades have switched to cards except Circus Circus, which still uses quarters. And the remaining Vegas arcades also still use quarters.

  2. I remember seeing one somewhere, I held one of the buttons down (either the coin return or skill stop, I forgot) and every time the wheel stopped, the ball would slow down for a bit, but before it could fall into a hole, it would start spinning again and make a jingle, basically holding the coin return or skill stop down (I forgot which one) causes it to spin forever until you let go. Could've been a hardware error or maybe a hiccup in the software or even an intended feature, it may have even been just in the one I used. I don't know.

  3. the difference between them is that it is only 2 players and they added the skill stop but newer versions of colorama 1 has the skill stop but not older versions


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