Colorama THE BEST Arcade Ticket Redemption Game Easy Wins


Arcade Adventures – Episode 50 If you are at the arcade and want to win some easy tickets and find a Colorama play it to win big! Compared to other ticket redemption games the chances of winning big are very good and the .25 price makes it even better!

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  1. why Carolina there's a white spot right and there is this little metal piece if it's down that you won't get it but if it's up to you would get the 125 tickets

  2. My analysis of Colorama:
    NEVER pick BLUE unless you buy all five colors:
    Red (25) and Green (25) are equal size and equal pay.
    White (125) is a longshot bid that has its merit.
    But Blue (50) and Yellow (75) are equal size BUT unequal pay.

  3. you can swipe your card five times and select all the colors on one terminal before the first spin. Worse case you'll win 25 and if it lands on the white you'll get the 125.

  4. Hey this is the first of many vids in this  series i will watch just wanted to say thx for spending you time on doing this. 😀 

  5. Awesome! I Love That Game! Thats A Very Easy Way To Get Tickets! Keep The Videos Up! Also Do You Get Paid From Youtube?

  6. I don't have any coin pushers in my area that give out money, i wish I could find some that did! You should record some video of the coin pusher you play!! Thanks for watching!!

  7. S a ticket coin pusher that gives you like 10 tickets for putting a coin in and ticks 2p play which is like 1.2 cents


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