Cringy Convention Compilation


just spent my parents life savings on front row tickets for the logan paul v KSI fight, it better not be a pu$$y brawl!!! Also just deleted my facebook account, friggin hackers use facebook. Im a google plus kinda person now TBH rawr xD!!!

Al$o im gonna try to start uploading twice a week starting soon, just have to build up the courage to because your making me nervous the way that you smile girl…. *snuggles closer*

Original video links –
Reporter gets a little too friendly with Spiderman:

Epic dance moves with a huge fall in the background:


2 cringe in 1 clip:

Even people worth billions can be cringy:

Old man gets a little too into the singing:

Comedian absolutely 100% bombs on stage, then walks off:

Twitch convention has a maniac on the dancefloor:

Furries cannot be not cringy:

Girl apparently doesn’t know how to speak English and only meows:

Reporter seems very interested in the many activities at Comic Con:

Random dude knows more about game than developers do:

Comic Con music video that will give you goosebumps:

Dude roasts evil mad scientist:

Kid thought it would be a good idea to tinkle on stage:

Who said bronies can’t rage?:

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  1. 2:42 it was so cringy that the cia will use it as a torture mechiacms in order to get informnation

  2. The video of that guy pissing on stage is one of the worst pieces of content I have ever witnessed on youtube, and this is not the first time I've seen it.

  3. That rap was jus garbage lol he need to quit and he 100% did not read the room. I think he just wanted to have the most wild song possible to perform

  4. Lmfao the interviewer who said the mad scientist never got any pussy in his life… that was uncalled for 😭

  5. 1:09 the way he just casually comes up on stage walks to the mrbald then mrbald hands him the mice then realizes what he is about to say

  6. I like at how at how :47 I can only assume its a fps tournament, the people around the player told the guy to calm t he hell down. See not all gamers are terrible

  7. 1:46 can someone explain this to me? Sorry I can't hear it and there's no subtitles, all I could comprehend is "group counselling"

  8. Watching this video somehow makes me feel more content with myself and my mental relationship with my past cringe moments… nothing ever this level of crrrriiiiiinnnnge

  9. See I want to go to a convention really badly cuz I’m a total nerd, but it’s videos like this that make me want to stay as far as i can away from them and the weird cringe people.


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