Daddy Bf Enjoys You for Breakfast [ENG SUB R18 MDR ASMR]


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Hi, I’m Circa. I translate and occasionally re-master Japanese/Mandarin ASMRs, so that viewers who may not be entirely fluent in these languages can also appreciate the original works. I keep my channel unmonetized because I am not the original creators of the ASMRs.

Please do not re-upload my videos. Do not use my translations commercially. For non-commercial uses, please credit me as Circa Translations.


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  1. You know wasting food ain't nice, I made fried eggs so what if its burnt? Hey, it's burnt just at the edges! Daddy, it's still edible! Look, look! Edible! No need to fry more eggs, you hear, this will be our breakfast, you picky little shit!

  2. why just why am I so stupid I thought it said "daddy bf enjoys your breakfast" I was like ok? then he started ummh you know what and I was like let me re-read this title oh 0-0 ok then I'm fine with this tbh😅🤣😅😭 why am I like this😭😭

  3. yeah at first was korean then japanese and now chinese !!?? what the hell asian studs want from us ha !! i am doomed anyway …


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