Delve Final Thoughts


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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Delve.

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Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


Subtitled by Thomas Giles


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  1. Interesting. Carc is my favorite game (got me into the hobby). The Castle is my least favorite Carc variant, and Knizia is my favorite designer.

  2. Nice one! When it comes to tile-based exploration games, you may also want to check Unknown — . It's a cool post-apocalyptic co-op with custom wooden meeples (yay!) and stylish art by Boya Sun ( ). I often play it with my wife… 😛

  3. An easy "fix" for memorizing random encounters would be to add encounters that pose exactly the same situations as other cards, but with different outcomes.

  4. The only thing I'm not sure about are the encounter cards – I think I would rather lose the flavor text and have clearer choices. There is enough other uncertainty in the game – and you'll learn what the choices mean over time.

  5. This looks like a really good mesh of two genres board games. Excellent run through and final thoughts as usual, Rahdo. I hope I can(remember to…) back it before the campaign ends.

  6. I was waiting for you to turn the collected xp into, I don't know, converting your wimpy mage into an archmage or something. I guess, there won't be any levelling up the party members?

  7. Rest assured, we have a ton and I mean a ton of encounter cards on the horizon that will make replayability great! Thanks for the great review, Richard!

  8. Yeah there's a lot of old stuff that's being used but it's being used in a lot of new ways which I really really like. The characters are really nice touch. Really interesting.


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