Don't Judge a Super Nintendo Game By Its Cover – SNESdrunk



[0:31] Phalanx
[1:13] Prince of Persia
[1:56] Robotrek
[2:31] Super Buster Bros
[3:07] Metal Marines
[3:54] X-Kaliber 2097
[4:34] Aerobiz Supersonic
[5:26] Kendo Rage
[6:04] Super Soccer
[6:36] Super Fire Pro Wrestling
[7:17] Rival Turf

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  1. So I just recognized a Easter Egg in Resident Evil from Super Buster Bros, the white Castle/Mansion is featured in a painting on the wall in the Spencer Mansion. Neato!!!

  2. With the Rival Turf you made my day, Dude. You said everything that has to be said 😄 and yes good game, but more like final fight

  3. I got Rival Turf from my cousin(we must have traded games or something), I actually liked it, it had some pretty good replay value. As for basing games off cover art, I did that with actraiser, I have never played that game but it looks really good.

  4. You should have mentioned in rival turf, you could input a code that let's you rename every single character in the game including the main characters.

  5. I'm remember going to Blockbuster and rented final fantasy 3. The cover sucked and was my first time playing an RPG. Turn out to be my favorite of all time.

  6. I remember being at the video store and all the SNES rentals were slim pickings for the weekend. I rented everything based on the box art too, and the only thing on the shelf other than some WW2 type games and Jeopardy was Rival Turf. I wasn’t leaving there without something, so I grabbed the plastic box behind that lame ass cover art and took it home. I was very pleasantly surprised with it, and gladly paid late fees on it. Gotta love how it yells JALECO! at you in the beginning lol.

  7. I would have to say that your description of the Metal Marines cover art is spot off. I don't know if I missed something or what?!

  8. Great video as always. I like to rewatch your videos every once in a while.
    Being from outside the us there’s lots of jokes I don’t get but it’s still fun!
    Also the dude from the wallflower is Bob Dylan’s son. 😮

  9. 0:42. I think that's supposed to be an old man seeing a UFO. But I could see how it might get free misunderstood

  10. Game was ok but I wish the characters had more moves and were better detailed. Now I have it on my emulator along with other classic side scroll beat'em up games!🎮

  11. Aerobiz Supersonic…oh sweet memories i have for this game…such a shame Koei never made a follow up on this serie


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