Escape a gory chicken nugget factory in Chicku gameplay! [Early Access game]


Let’s play Chicku gameplay video of this bloody, rage-inducing chicken escape game. Buy Chicku now on Steam Early Access! Subscribe for more Weird Indie:

Our let’s play Chicku gameplay video has highlights and funny moments of this rage platform game. Chicku gameplay offers the bloody spikes of Super Meat Boy, structure of Angry Birds and controls of Flappy Bird!

The basic Chicku gameplay isn’t super-difficult, but your Chicku chicken is hard to move where you want without it veering off into the nearest buzzsaw.

Also in this let’s play Chicku gameplay video we check out the unlockable hats your Chicku can wear once you have earned coins from speedrunning levels.


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Official Chicku gameplay description:

“Chicku is a nail-bitingly hard platformer in which the player has to escape the Barrington farm. You’ll be forced to dodge saws, spikes and many other deadly traps in order to save your brethren and rise against the evil Dr. Barrington. Play Chicku alone or with friends in this epic adventure.

Chicku game version: 1.01
Chicku release date: 7 April 2016 (early access)
Developed by: Gatling Goat Studios
Formats available: PC Windows (Consoles planned)

Official Chicku site:
Buy Chicku download on Steam:


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Video resolution: 720p, 60fps


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