Feda: The Emblem of Justice Game Sample – SNES/SFC


Feda is the SNES/SFC’s answer to Sega’s Shining Force, published by Yanoman and developed by Max Entertainment. The game is eerily like Shining Force from the icons and interface right down to the battle structure and character designs and races. Hell, the devs are called MAX Entertainment and I think I remember hearing that some members from Climax were a part of Max Entertainment. Well, whatever the case may be, one thing is certain; Feda is a seriously awesome game that would have been nearly strategy RPG perfection if a few things were tweaked (as it’s even been pointed out that the game was somewhat rushed to market).

It’s a little strange to think that while Sega is typically known as the hardcore company, Feda comes off as a grittier Shining Force. The game has a deeper, more serious plot with four different endings and a fair deal of replayability, various moves for each character (about as many as you’d expect in good ol’ SF, but many warriors have special attacks too… there’s almost as many characters as a SF game too), and a decent (but not special at all) soundtrack. The game is also about as easy as SF, even when you factor in the harder to obtain goals of being lawful.

The area that this game really stands out in is the visual department. While it looks largely like a slightly sharper SF with rougher looking characters on the surface, the battle graphics take full advantage of the SNES/SFC’s color capabilities, displaying almost jaw-dropping, more realisticly styled anime characters with beautiful animations and flashy attacks. The characters easily have some of the greatest detail of any strategy game on the system.

While some touted Feda as a SF killer however, I simply cannot agree. The game has a few annoying bugs and SF is certainly NOT something to sneer at… SF also has a significantly better soundtrack, IMO. The game is beautiful as hell in the visual department and I like that many fighters have a special skill as well, but Feda moves at a slower pace and is a bit cumbersome in design. For example, you can’t check a characters stats or items seemingly on the field. You can only see this stuff well on the battlefield, which kinda defeats the purpose. Moving on the map is also unnecessarily slow and the game is a little more linear than SF, though the multiple endings alleviates that somewhat.

In the end, Feda is a title that should have definitely been released outside of Japan and easily rivals Sega’s Shining games (for Gen/MD anyway), but remains a Japan-only series that is destined to live in SF’s shadow. This game has been fan-translated. The game was also SO much like SF that Yanoman and Max Entertainment later remade the game for Sega Saturn with upgraded audio/visuals and many anime cutscenes. A sequel was also released for Playstation.

This is just a game sample of moderate gameplay. Enjoy.

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  1. "the SNES's answer to Shining Force"
    Uh…more like Shining Force was Sega's answer to Fire Emblem and this game was some obscure company 100% cloning Shining Force and getting away with it just because it's not the IP.

  2. Wow, the comparisons to Shining Force were definitely not overstated. It appears that you can only move one character at a time as well, and not where you move all your units and then end the turn, as with Super Robot Taisen or Disgaea. This is a game I can definitely get into! I'd heard of Feda, but I didn't know it was a SRPG.


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