Game Cờ Caro ( 五目ならべ 連珠 ) gomoku narabe renju – NES


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★ Gomoku Narabe Renju was the fourth game released for the Famicom by Nintendo. ‘GoMoku’ is Japanese and means ‘5 Points’ and ‘Narabe’ translates to ‘in-a-row’. It is similar to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on first sight. It is often known as ‘Connect Five’, ‘Spoil Five’, ‘Pegity’ or ‘Go-bang’ in the West among many other variations. Do not be confused that the word ‘Go’ is in the title. The game is merely played with a Go board and pieces, but ‘Go’ means ‘Five’ in Japanese as well. This game also follows ‘Renju’ rules, so often the game is just referred to as ‘Renju’. It was later released for the Wii Virtual Console, and it was never published outside of Japan.
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