Game of the Year Awards 2019 | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, Episode 79


2019 was an interesting year for games. While we eagerly await The Next Generation (no, not the Star Trek show, you godforsaken nerds), a litany of good, great, and even fantastic games hit our precious PlayStation 4 in recent months, and now that the last year is in the books, it’s time to look back on some of the best titles ’19 had to offer. Without further ado, here are our favorite games of the past 365 days or so, with a special Sacred Symbols twist: A bunch of completely made-up awards, some of which no developer would actually want to win. Alas! We simply couldn’t help ourselves.

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  1. I'm sure you have your reasons for not doing so, but you should consider going to a video podcast. I think your exposure and viewership would go up significantly.

  2. Hearing you guys talk about stuff like Mortal Kombat 11 and Chris in particular about Life is Strange shows how out of touch and uninformed you guys are at certain topics.

  3. For me death stranding. Cant even begin to describe all emotions it put me through as the story intended. Sure I get that it's not for everyone but it hooked me and it's something like Chris said "it'll sit with me for a long time"

  4. I can’t take anybody seriously after they call death stranding a game of the year. Chris it’s pretty clear you’re a hipster. There’s no gameplay, the story is hamfisted. You make fun of the dialogue from life is strange but saying “I guess I’m princess beach” is excusable? Gtfoh

  5. Colin for the love of god play the MK11 Story mode. Some of the best acting (minus Rhonda Rousey) and its much much better then you will expect it to be.

  6. I loved death stranding, it’s not perfect (no game is) but a great game in a generation where everything feels the same in to many ways. I don’t want a sequel I think Kojima Productions should work on a horror game next.

  7. I played Fell Seal for about 50 hours before life came knocking and I had to put it down. Pretty sure I was close to finishing it, but not sure if I could just jump back in after many months off. Either way, this game is excellent.

  8. Death Stranding is a conflicting game. Didn't care for it early. Was ready to move on after being attacked constantly by BT's and the annoying balancing mechanic. I honestly don't know how I stuck with it. Most games I don't like, I just drop it. It's like starting a long marathon. The beginning sucks, but when you start hitting your stride and seeing the end, it gets better. The zip-lines are hella fun. You can save many hours setting up zip line points compared to driving and hiking around.

  9. I enjoyed KH3 alot. But its def missing some keys things. DLC looks to be making up for it. Also getting some free updates is a plus. You guys do shit on the game which is fine. But it went away for a bit. And its coming back just for one big pack of DLC. Nothing wrong with that lol. Im ready for KH4 in the couple years.

  10. I enjoyed KH3 alot. But its def missing some keys things. DLC looks to be making up for it. Also getting some free updates is a plus. You guys do shit on the game which is fine. But it went away for a bit. And its coming back just for one big pack of DLC. Nothing wrong with that lol. Im ready for KH4 in the couple years.

  11. Control has A TON of tech problems on ps4 pro and the game doesnt even look good on consoles. Despite all that I liked it quite a lot. I'm told on PC its absolutely stunning.

  12. I hate to be that guy, but RAGE 2 was on avalanche's Apex engine, not ID tech, all id did really was teach them how to program FPS gameplay.

  13. Speaking of Metro games. I'm currently playing through Metro 2033 Redux and noticed the attention to detail. At one point you have to carry a small child to safety and they was surprised to find that it actually makes your movements and aiming noticeably laggy. Just though that was interesting. Love these games

  14. People were so negative about Yooka Laylee and this year Shenmue 3. I guess it's because the games were made for the fans/backers because they basically did what the fans wanted. Playtonic did a good job for a first game and the sequel to Yooka Laylee could be excellent now they have the studio set up

  15. Mortal Kombat slower than Street Fighter? I’m not a fan of either but that doesn’t sound right. For the newer games at least

  16. Sorry but anyone picking Days Gone, or Control for GOTY CLEARLY hasn't played Metro Exodus.

    I think Sekiro is not even good, but if even Bloodborne couldn't win, no from software game should. Resident Evil 2 is not even that great, and it's a reboot. Seriously what did RE 2 that was even remotely special??? It was a good resi game, that's it. Not GOTY material. It's a turd compared to RE4

    I can totally understand Death Stranding. Incredibly well made, and unique game but maybe the gameplay isn't for everyone, but the FACTS are that Metro Exodus is the best game this year by a mile. Fuck everything else. My opinion is the correct one ya fuckin weebs. Metro is the only game where the gameplay is as amazing as the story, and no game does immersion, faux open world levels, rewarding exploration, or atmosphere better than Exodus. Again, FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE, METRO FTW BITCHES!!!!

  17. I loved Days Gone. While not perfect the time I spent with this game was enjoyable and had some perfect random moments.
    My only complaint with this game was that the main protagonist was a bit too gruff and male so I demand that in the sequel Dean St John has an accident on his bike where by his junk is torn off and he transitions/ levels up into she. Genitals Gone …starring Deidre St Jane.

  18. Tydirium isn't the Emperor's shuttle, Colin. It's the stolen shuttle used by the rebel strike team headed to the forest moon of Endor.

  19. Top 3 for me

    1. Kingdom Hearts 3
    2. Jedi Fallen Order
    3. Sekiro

    I also really enjoyed Mario Maker 2, Blasphemous, Link's Awakening, Pokemon Sword and Crash Team Racing

  20. 2019 saw the failures of big games like death stranding and days gone, the triumph of RE2… i played a lot of games, the best and surprising one that left a long lasting impression is definitely Disco Elysium(a strange rpg that does things differently, not relying on usual tropes that unispired people like Kojima or the bend team use without even trying to reinvent the wheel). Altho, 2019 was a bit of a weak year with no dominant and clear winner, clear losers are definetly Kojima and bethesda, bend studios, bioware. Nintendo kicked the 2 other console maker ass despite having a very average year but sony and ms going to kick some asses, ending the gen with a bang this year. I look forward cyberpunk, last of us 2, ghost of tsushima and xbox sx(since ps5 is rumored to be way less powerful, not even 10tf, xbox is going to really bring us to the next gen, theres a whole gen in terms of powee between sony and ms)

  21. Danganronpa was another Colin-effect game. I don't think it would've become as popular as it did without you quite rightly raving about it on IGN. It ended up selling 200K+ copies in North America just on the Vita alone, which is a lot for an obscure game from a small japanese studio on a niche handheld.

  22. Days Gone was my GOTY. It had all my favorite parts of different zombie games crammed into a single package. The world was beautiful and dark. The gameplay was fun and could be very interesting depending on how you played.
    RE2 Remake was a close second for me though. And Blood & Truth was my PSVR GOTY. 🙂👍

  23. 1. RE 2 remake
    2. Death Stranding
    3. Days Gone
    4. Control
    5. Blood and Truth

    Edit. Have not played Star Wars yet


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