Game of Thrones Symbolism: The Targaryens


We continue our series on the deeper meaning of the Game of Thrones house symbols with a look at the Targaryens. Support us on Patreon (thank you!):

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  1. These people. If I gave them a crest with a white rabbit on a pink field and the words: We are cute, and made the members of the house the most deadly and bloodthirsty people alive, they would find something to link them.

  2. A shame she didn't meet John earlier cos maybe he could've tamed her and brought peace and harmony as a powerful unit…

  3. Danaerys: With fire and blood I will take it
    Danaerys: Takes it with fire and blood
    GoT viewers: [surprised pikachu face]

  4. I hate the Targaryen madness line. Like only 6, maybe 10, out of hundreds of Targaryens actually went mad. Cersei can just stfu about that line

  5. If anyone has read the books, there is an amazing dialogue between Tyrion and Varys that truly captures the message of power from this video. They end up concluding that power is a "shadow on the wall", as its essence is the way people perceive leaders, and not the actions of the leaders themselves (anyway, this was my interpretation from something I read a couple of years ago)…

  6. Dany's character was built up for soooo long, and it only took one knife to kill her. Ahhhhh way to go D&D, way to go. Rip Dany. Always will be my queen

  7. In early series they were tried to portray Danerys as a someone who fights for poor,women rights etc and it was the most lame part of this great show

  8. For me the Targaryens resemble the Romanov Dinasty ( more than half of the Romanovs were quite mad and bad at rulling ) and The Habsburg Dinasty ( they practiced incest a lot and were quite cruel as well.. ). So GRRM wrote them quite well based on real life history.

  9. "Daenerys inspires viewers. She's a self-empowered beacon of strength who stands for justice."

    Well that aged like milk, didn't it?

  10. house targaryen is my favourite house in the series. i like what it stands for and who doesn't like an overboard of madness?

  11. Yeah that's why I can't stand people complaining about Danny burning down kings landing um have you not been watching the entire series, the whole series is about her family's prone to madness and destructiveness


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