Games that Make the Console Look WEAK! – Game Sack


Episode 177 – Have you ever played a game and wondered if the programmers knew what kind of performance other games on the system have? We sure have and we’re happy to show you some of them!

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  1. In all honesty. The atari remakes on any console is what makes a console look weak. Maybe even the Street Fighter HD remakes too, but I think that's more on the publisher than the console itself.

  2. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is the only version I actually play anymore after getting it. It's way better than the originals. Do you understand anything about gameplay, or color palette? My gawd. Can you take off those 52 color nostalgia glasses and see and improvement when it's there? I'm really losing my value in your guys' opinion after watching EVRERYTHING you've made. You hate RPGs'. Don't like racing sims. Know nothing about fighting games. Only care about shmups and beat 'em ups, and have no appreciation for REAL games. I'm really close to just ignoring all your videos. How close minded are you guys unless a sponsor shells out money? Even when you make an awesome episode about Neo-Geo, you go on about the crappiest games they have. Jesus. Your videogame collection belongs in the hands of people who actually deserve it. I'd be playing the hell out of KoF, and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and Mark of the Wolves. You're probably playing Raiden, or Greenboy"or whatever tf that dumbass game is called). So sad.

  3. Actually, I don’t mind it if games don’t look impressive visually or whatever or push the limits of the hardware, all that really matters to most gamers is the gameplay.

  4. The music of Virtual Hydlide is amazing but the series isn’t very interesting overall. Digitized sprites look ugly to my eyes and make me throw up.

  5. World Cup Italia 90 (or World Championship Soccer in the US) makes the Mega Drive look weak with minimalistic graphics that look like a Master System game.

  6. My nomination would be for Super Hydlide on the Genesis. Sounds like a subpar 8-bit title, looks worse than most late gen Commodore 64 games I've played and plays about as badly as it looks. It makes Traysia look like Phantasy Star IV and Virtual Hydlide actually looks like an improvement. One of the worst games I've ever played.

  7. Listening to the both of you had me crying with laughter 😂😂 the Insector X overview had me dead…🤣🤣🤣 Another amazing video from my favorite retro Bros Joe & Dave..! 🙏

  8. I think it's cute that you seriously suggest buying these games. Lol were not in the stone age. Emulators and Rom sites are abundant.


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