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As some people have asked, today I am sharing some of my past tabletop role playing experiences.

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  1. That's pretty cool, I tried finding more of those videos on this channel but couldn't. Was it not popular enough? I'd love to hear how you became the GM you are today, but in your videos, you tend to focus on a single mistake and not on the whole journey of becoming the great GM and great teacher.

  2. Those library map drawing sessions will warm my heart for so long as my mind can remember them. You were the undisputed master of maps… and filling galleons with barrels as I recall. I was always jealous of your charisma and artistic talent – never could quite get the edge on you 😉 What wonderful years those were, our young adolescence.

  3. These videos have been amazing thus far and you sir make me proud to be a zaffer. I discovered your series because I'm attempting to gm for the first time after having an interest in it for the past 10 years but never pulling the trigger.

  4. Thanks to your channel, I'm no longer insecure about my over-the-top scenarios I put my players through. Everyone who's played in my games seems to enjoy them, but I always had this worry that perhaps my involvement of gods and demigods and supernatural creatures was a bit much. Now I know to follow rule 0: if your players are having fun, keep doing what you're doing.

  5. I know that it's been a while since you posted this, but I really hoped you introduced "thunderclap" as an STI in one of your games

  6. When a player drew from a deck of many things a long time ago, he got visited by the little death – a tiny grim reaper who would follow him forever until he kills the PC. But he appeared in a sort of dungeon and the only entrance was a ladder. It turned out the little death wasnt tall or skilled enough to reach from one step of the ladder to the next and was stuck in the hole.

    another story: Ever since a barbarian in our group single handedly grappled a kraken and pulled him out of the lake he was in, do these creatures have a special place in our groups mindset. And so while on a boat trip, the barbarian and his buddy used meat rations and trash to start fishing for whatever comes up from the deep. Willingly risking the lifes of everyone aboard. A storm came as a warning (Kraken can summon storms) and the captain told them to stop, but they kept going. And so the entire ship was attacked, the captain ripped to shreds and only our grp and a hand full of sailors survived. But the Barbarian was happy XD

  7. my coming out process to my gaming group was no problem. to this day, however, they still whisper furtively behind their hands "he doesn't read comics." haha

  8. I've been subjected to a lot of inconsistent GMs who don't have their hearts in running the games. Who don't have fun so they just drop the games after one or two times.
    And some players who aren't interested in everyone having fun. (Don't want to work out issues and prefer to be vindictive and vengeful all the time.)

    It's ironic that I took the mantle of being the GM and seem to be outperforming them all. My players think so, anyway. And I've figured out ways to make it fun for me and to keep me wanting to GM, which is apparently more than can be said for the GM's I was a player for.
    I'd love to see a proper GM GM. I think that could be educational and interesting. Shame that seems statistically unlikely for me.

  9. As an American there is just something about an English accent that lends whatever is being said more gravitas. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and entertainment you provide. Thank you. This video made me press the subscribe button. Additionally it is interesting what the addition of a comfortable robe does to the mood of the video. Great content.

  10. played so very few games in my life, in fact, I played in 3 sessions at age 11, old AD&D box set. sadly, my dad who was the GM worked as a paramedic so he dropped running games. two months after my 11th birthday I pulled down that old box set and I ran that game with my sisters. I am 36 years old, I've played a couple more sessions- my job has always been the GM..among my friends I am known as the adlib GM; being that I don't write up games, merely world's in which to exist.

  11. You killed the god of colors? Jesus! I just started to RP and GM and I really look forward to something as epic as that!

  12. I must be too old.  I could swear that I heard him say that there is no more thac0, but then, yesterday, I heard someone say AC 18 like that was good. I mean, even a loin cloth would give you 19 wouldn't it?  At least protect the twins a bit?

  13. I have a friend that plans everything out in depth as a gm. I come up with some general stuff and characters but end up improvising a lot or coming up with things the days before

  14. One of the greatest moment (that showed we were terrible people) was the creation of Scare Bears using GURPS.

    One player was a biologist mad scientist that specialized in human evolution. He used this to make alternate forms for himself. Another player had increased consumption, so to help the heavy eater, the biologist decided to make hot pockets that could self cook and would provide a full balanced meal. Then the rest of the party got involved. Someone suggested making the hot pockets living to increase shelf life. Someone else stated that if it is living, it should want to be eaten. If it wants to be eaten, I figured it should have the ability to clearly say so, then the GM decided they should be utterly adorable.

    The monstrosity ended up being a psychically adorable creature ten times more adorable that you can imagine. All you had to do was point and say "Cook," and they would. "Eat me eat me, I'm delicious!" The things had suicide addiction. If you did not eat one in 24 hours, it would start to go from suicide addiction to murder addiction. "If you don't eat me, then I'll just have to eat YOU."

    When you told it to cook, it would lay an indestructible egg, then fall into a seizure, blood and smoke coming from the eyes and ears. This immediately triggered a terror check in anyone that didn't have callous, unfazable, low empathy, or sadism. When the Scare Bear finished cooking, the egg hatched, and the new baby would shout, "YAY, mommy's ready! Yum yum yum!" This triggered a second terror check. Cooking scare bears caused heart attacks, suicides, IQ loss, and other mental disadvantages to many NPCs.

    Eating a raw Scare Bear turned you into a ravaging mutant. Every time a Scare Bear died, the race gained 1 EXP for the next generation, so they started to evolve on their own. Oh, and remember, the biologist specialized in human evolution, so eating one was essentially cannibalism, and it was possible for humans to evolve into Scare Bears given enough time. They became on of the major issues he had to deal with in that world, as we had a hard time eradicating them.

    Scare Bears got cameo roles in just about every campaign after that. The phrase, "Picture something 10 times cuter than you can imagine…" became one of the greatest sources of terror in my gaming group.

  15. I actually agree with the idea of a DM playing as a player, so they remember what it is like. I host a game for some family and friends, but I also play a weekly game on Roll20, and also do a lot of 1 shot sessions on Roll20. So I get to see a lot of different DMing styles, but also get the feeling of what it's like to be a player. I actually use my experiences from those sessions, to help influence my own session.

  16. I really like how your world's history is not something just created out of the blue, but something that developed over the time in collaboration with the players' actions

  17. I would love to know your best experience as a master and as a player.
    For me, as a master, I had two group of players, both playing the same campaign but on the opposite side. The system was the Legend of the 5 rings, and the story was about the creation and the rise of the Mantis clan as a major clan. So two oppositive faction, one working for the Mantis clan, and one working against the clan.
    The last session was a big battle at a Lion daimyo's castle, and the two group collide: that night I had 9 people around my table fighting each others. They had fun, and they still remember the story; I am very happy for it. Only 3 characters passed away that night (2 of the Lion faction, 1 of the Mantis), and the Mantis was once and for all rise as a major clan.

  18. This is such a nice video, I really love hearing about other people's gaming experiences. Thank you! I hope you do more of these in future! p.s it's funny you should mention coming out, as my current group is one I formed at uni with a bunch of people from the lgbtq society haha. You know how it is; parents watch you go to uni and come back more confident. Openly gay and a 15th level sorcerer.

  19. My favorite character I ever played was a half-orc barbarian/sorcerer with an intelligence of 3. He wielded a tree trunk as a club and had all the articulating capabilities of Hodor. He accidentally blew a hole in the universe when a band of fifty bandits came running out of the woods and he tried reading a spell scroll, though, and killed everyone.


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