How To Get Microsoft Office 2016 Free On Mac (2018)


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  1. Dunno why but the first time I opened it, it said I had the volume license but it still was locked. Opened it again and it worked. Thanks mate

  2. Thanks so much:D My other copy kept coming up with an error saying 'unsupported', think it was 32 bit or something but this one seems to work just fine:)

  3. Can't believe this video was uploaded a year ago, and it's already got 35,000 views. Means so much to me! Sorry about the audio guys, wasn't the greatest at editing.

    Edit: 38,000 views! Let's get this video to 100,000 views, and 500 likes, if possible! Thank you so much guys!

  4. Thanks so much! I'm not getting the update alert though – how do I install the update if it doesn't come up automatically?

  5. is it worked on iOS Mojave? mine is mojave and i need this Ms.Office since i'm alrd broke before i even knew it:(

  6. This link you posted under your video only takes me to Kuturl doesn't take me to the site where I can download ed version of word.

  7. It looks like Mega removed the file. Please let me know if you have any other tips like this for MS Office 2016. Thank you!

  8. Does any one else not get the 'skip button' when word opens? it is nowhere on the box. Its telling me to sign in and register. is there a code or way to by pass this? thank you, so far it has downloaded perfectly, just stuck at the sign in portion.


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