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This week, we’ll look at how to make the excellent strategy game, Quoridor. It’s not a difficult build and can be made with materials from your local big box store.
It’s always fun to find a woodworking project that you can do with your kids, plus play with it when you’re done!

For detailed instructions, including cut lists:

Tools and Materials used in this build:
Craftsman Table Saw
Dado Stack
Wood Glue
1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch oak (2 pieces 12+ inches long)
1×4 oak (24+ inches long)
1/4 inch x 5 1/2 inch poplar (12+ inches long)

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  1. Thanks for checking out our Quoridor game build! If you're interested in making this for yourself, we've got plans on our website: Comment below with what you think of this game and any other game ideas you'd love to see us tackle!

  2. Thanks for showing the build and thanks for discussing errors and changes you would make. The later is much appreciated.

  3. You are having a great wood lab and making a nice work. Good to learn from you. Joined you 224. Hope you will join me. Stay connected.

  4. Great ! This game is new to me 🙂 We LOVE board games, this one is top priority now 🙂 Thank you for share your process!

  5. Looks like a fun project. It always amazes me when people use a dado stack. They don’t allow them in the UK or at least they are hard to come by so I’ve never used one. Anyway great work and interesting game too never seen it before 🙌🏻😃

  6. You did it once again! Our newest favorite video of yours! Your helper is getting more involved and better and better. I cant get glue to work as well as she did!! I have never seen the game before but it definitely looks like one that makes you think, which is awesome. I thought I understood the rules of the game but I did not understand why she did not just go straight to the end you placed a piece that would allow her unimpeded access straight through. I have to play this game!!!! Great job!

  7. seems really cool. I need to get some info on this game. the only thing I'm concern is the frame around the solid central panel.
    important thing is the assistant like it!!


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