How to Make Fudge (Games): Episode 1


This is our first in a series of videos where we discuss all things Fudge with game designers, GM’s and players. In this episode we’re talking to Jacob Wood of Accessible Games, and Wolf Bergenheim, one of my personal Fudge gurus!

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Fudgit! Publishing G+ Page:

Blood, Sweat & Steel G+ Page:

Blood, Sweat & Steel G+ Community:

Accessible Games:

Psi-Punk RPG:

Fudged Mouse Guard:

Fudge SRD:


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  1. Nice discussion of the basics of Fudge and why it is so well liked by its players and game creators.  I've been into other universal game systems as well, but I would like to try Fudge more.  I just don't really understand some of it.

  2. Found it!!!!!

    Thanks for the clarification…

    Archived all times at:

  3. good video. I'm all for the revolution. Viva La FUDGE

    I've always been interested in Fudge and want to really like it. It seems so hard to get started. I think Fudge needs a clear Quick Start document or something.

  4. Our first video is complete and ready to view on YouTube!  Please feel free to watch, comment and share! 


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