Hurt Incantation (Tangled) 【covered by Anna】 full ver. [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Hello everyone! This week I sang the Hurt Incantation/Moon Incantation!

Here is a lil I feel guilty I didn’t upload last weekend video for you all. BOY was I excited when I saw this on twitter. It’s truly an homage to all those Disney goth edits whether the creators of the show know it or not.

The original song was super short and I wasn’t super into the lyrics I saw floating around, so I wrote my own! Everyone seemed to like the extended lyrics I wrote from Della’s Moon Lullaby a couple weeks back, so hopeful you enjoy my take on these.

Also shout out to the man and legend Andrew [spywi — who is always coming through on my impulse ideas for covers and instrumentals. He is always such a pleasure to work with and his piano playing is something I always look forward to sing with.

As always, thank you all so much for your continued love and support! I hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you all Saturday.

Hurt Incantation/Moon Incantation – Tangled (The series)
Artwork: william-glowing [
(a superstar artist u should totally check out!)
Instrumental/Arrangement – spywi
Vocals/Extended (fanlyrics) Lyrics: Anna – that’s me!
I only own my voice! This is made by fans for fans, please support the original release!

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☆☆☆ A massive thanks to A Certain Random Guy, Amanda Parisher, Amber Crowther, BloodGallade, Brandon Mattix, Brent Badger, Brittany Ratterree, Christen Wentz,
Charley Link, Eric Anderson, Goldenalaska, Hopeful Zero, Katie Chastain, Jazmyne Quiñones, NuNuTelIa, Phyllis Schaefer,Terra Groenewold, TheRavenTheory, Trashy Bracken, Amaris, Holden Meadows, JwockMallock, and Patrick O’Dea! You’re all superstars! ☆☆☆



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  1. my favorite goth edit of Rapunzel

    Wither and decay…

    End this destiny,

    Break these earthly chains,

    And set this spirit free.

    Take what has been hurt,

    Grant them no mercy,

    Bend and break the reigns,

    And set this spirit free…

    This spirit free.

  2. Omg yessss! Your voice is so good and it just makes the song so much more deep. Could you maybe do a female version of Ready As I’ll Ever Be?

    Edit: Ok, so I now realize that you DID in fact make a female version, so please excuse me while I go listen to it 100 times.

  3. Mother Gothel: Would you sing for me dear? Then we will talk.
    Rapunzel: Yes Mother!
    rapunzel sings hurt incantation
    Mother Gothel: I AM DYING NOOOOO
    Rapunzel: Yay she is gone I won't go to her funeral!

  4. I like the sigh at the end. Others seem to not think much about, but it makes me think that its last breath of life from somebody who found themselves unlucky enough to be near by when the incantation has been sung.

  5. Maybe the Heal and Hurt Incantations aren't what they seem, maybe life and death Incantations are better, because we need Balance !!! None of them is bad, we need both in our lives.

  6. Can we just talk about how beautiful this is? It took a song that was so calming and good natured, and made it into a eerie melody that I wouldn’t be surprised as background music in a nightmare.

    Just pure art if you ask me.

  7. I can’t sing but here are my fan made lyrics

    Ruin and destroy,
    End all hope and joys
    Be consumed by doubt
    And let the nightmares out
    The nightmares out

  8. Yeah… This is going on my DnD Campaign this weekend over Roll20, my players have been helping a lovely young girl with a ritual to "release her from a terrible curse" but she's actually turning into a Demi Lich, and then she's gonna thank them and fuck off. And my Cleric player knows, she's the only one who knows but meta gaming is forbidden so she wont ruin it but she's freaking the fuck out because she knows but neither her character nor anyone else knows… It's like she can see the train wreck coming up and there is NOTHING she can do about it.


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