I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE GAMERS (ft. Arin/Game Grumps, Mini Ladd & Valkyrae)


I spent a day with famous YouTube gamers to see if the rumors are true.

HUGE thank you to the gamers in this video. Go follow them:
▸ Arin / Egoraptor / Game Grumps –
▸ Craig / Mini Ladd –
▸ Rae / Valkyrae – &

▸ I spent a day with FURRIES:
▸ I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS:
▸ I spent a day with KIDZ BOP STARS:

▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Zach Zeidman & Robert Butler III for helping me shoot this. And a huge thanks to Cade Huseby for helping produce this one.

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  1. its a good thing that blame truth gets the credit. Im still pretty sure that he was the first channel that youtube really started messing with

  2. Wait I just realized that Arin is the guy from that meme when he’s eating gum balls and chips with the transparent mouth thing

  3. I'm very dedicated to my religion Asatru. So much so, that i would consider myself an expert, and i read The Prose Edda (like the bible in our religion) and it says NOTHING about Valkyries being warriors. It says in chapter 36 paragraph 1 ''VALKYRIES AND GODDESSES''. ''There are still others whose duty it is to serve in Valhalla.They bring drink to the table and the ale cups.'' It also says in chapter 36 paragraph 3 ''They are sent by Odin to every battle, where they choose which men are to die and they determine who has the victory.''So basically all they do is spectate a fight or war.

  4. funny he would say “some media has called them lazy assholes”. I say it’s funny cuz my mom called me one today because I started streaming 2 months ago.

    Funny how parents are similar to news outlets.

  5. I feel like interviewing letsplayers was the most energetic out of all interviews… They're right to call themselves comedians

  6. those hair hate comments don’t even make sense what
    “i hate. you are hair.”
    “no offense but here’s a self image destroying insult ❤️”
    “you are a few strands of hair. weird al yankovic has mario lopez’s face”

    (these are paraphrases obviously)

  7. AHHHH mini ladds in this one fuck yes yes yes yes I’m so behind that for sure happy to see my favorite youtuber ever

  8. The lazy assholes in the game industry are the boomers st ign that treat their job as a trash can fill it with shit nd take it out yeah nah yeah nah

  9. Why does everybody hate Anthony's hair? I frickin' love it!

    Also, 11:04 is what many people who don't do ballet say about that type of dance.

  10. I know I'm late but damn some of these stories are amazing. Sometimes you forget they are people and I love this

  11. I feel like Arin and the rest of the grumps are one of the only gaming youtubers that really seem to be having fun, and like he said, just don’t care. They don’t seem to be phoning it in, and they really seem like actual people. Idk I’ve always loved them for that and probably always will. I feel like they, and Jenna marbles, ect. are all like the shining legends of the internet because of that.

  12. "There's those good comments…"
    Good comments: "He looks like the human version of Shrek"

    "… and then there's those few nasty comments"
    Bad comments: "I hate his hair"



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