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Incantation is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System platforming game released in 1996 by Titus Software.

Incantation was released in late 1996, near the end of the lifetime of the Super NES. Releases for 16-bit consoles were no longer highly anticipated, and the game’s developer, Titus, had a poor reputation among players at the time of this game’s release, all of which combined to bury the release in obscurity.[4]

The game has the player control a young wizard who has to complete several levels.[5] Enemies are defeated by using different ranged spells that can be found throughout the levels,[5] with different firing patterns and power.[5] Some levels require players to pick up a certain amount of items while other require a boss battle.[5]

The overall gameplay mechanics resemble an inferior version of Mega Man;[4] like several other platformers released near the end of the lifetime of the SNES, Incantation was accused of being repetitive and clunky by comparison with some of the system’s earlier, better platformers, such as Super Mario World, Disney’s Magical Quest and Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.[4] Reviewers did note that the game’s graphics were fairly impressive for the aging SNES hardware, however, resembling the PlayStation video game Rayman. #Allbosses #finalboss #bossfight


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