'IT' DIPS TATER TOTS (Level 25 DIPLOTATOR) – Part 27 – Jurassic World: The Game (Mobile)


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  1. 0:00 – I've never watched "IT" and I don't want to either but I get that reference and oh my goodness why?
    0:33 – Jacob you say "I don't know" like that a lot.
    17:15 – I think that's like Osu! You just click and drag in time with the indicator thingy.

  2. Can you imagine if the Dilophosaurus was like Pennywise, what with the frill and the venom?

  3. Hey there i've got a good move for you if you can get your hands on the ophiacodon and gallimimus hybrid you won't regret it he is quite good 😉

  4. Ba-ba-baba-OK, ok, everything is ok. Just try not to have a breakdown with jealousy…

    I can't handle it. (Smashing and breaking in the distance) why does my life want to treat me like an object recently.
    (4 minutes later) ok, I settled down. So yall got a level 25 diplotator huh, it may be strong, but I am stronger. Wait im classified as a carnivore? Oh no. (This comment is getting out of hand so im ending it here)

    Edit: im concerned about my mental state and jacob's mental state


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