I've Never Told Anyone This Story


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When she was younger, Kim used to go to a rugby competition with her parents every single year. She loved going to the game with her parents, and it was something she looked forward to.

As she got older, she started to hang out with her friends more at the competition. She would walk off with her friends and enjoy the snack bar, but because she knew the area and arena so well, it was never a problem. Her parents trusted that she would find her way back to their seats, and they trusted her.

Because her family had VIP seats, Kim never walked back with her friends. She had to go down a special hallway for the VIP section, and her friends would go a different way, so she was usually walking back alone.

As she was walking back to the stands by herself, she noticed that the hallway was particularly empty. Because it was an England rugby match, she assumed that no one wanted to risk missing a second of the action – that was probably why the halls were so empty. She didn’t think anything of it and continued walking to her seats.

As she was on her way, a security guard approached her and asked to see her VIP tickets. She often had to prove that she was a VIP ticket holder, so his request wasn’t unusual. She showed him her ticket and started to make her way back to her parents. But before she could leave, he told her to stop so he could ask her a few more questions. He began asking generic questions – where she was from, how old she was, etc; nothing out of the ordinary. She answered him politely and started to walk off again.

All of a sudden, the security grabbed her arm and insisted that she stayed. He pulled her closer to him. In that moment, Kim felt complete confusion and fear. She was only ten years old. She had no idea that she was in a potentially dangerous situation. She didn’t know that this security guard could be a threat to her.

And before she could even wrap her head around what was happening, he did the unthinkable. He removed her pants and took advantage of her. Kim felt completely numb and helpless.

The moment that she had the chance, she ran away and found her parents. She didn’t tell them what happened – she never told anyone this story – because she didn’t know how. It was one of those scary stories that you never imagine would be yours to tell, and that made it ever harder – such terrible mistreatment.

If you have ever been in a similar situation, or if you know someone who has, please know that you are NOT alone. You can find important information on getting help and counselling through these websites:

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  1. Being brave doesn't mean you take on any challenge, it means you overcome the challenges and fears.

    You're very brave for telling this story and I hope that officer gets what he deserves, you've earned my respect and I hope to be as strong and brave as you one day.

  2. My heart hurts to know that people would to something like that to young girls. I stand by people who have suffered things like this. You aren’t alone. 7 billion people are standing by you. Protecting you. Even though you Amy not know all of them, they are hear to listen. Because nobody, and I mean nobody, should go through this alone.


    By the way, I accidentally said Amy when I meant to say may

  3. I was taught if anyone tried to do that to me to run and scream for help. Also telling an adult is best when that happens or tell the cops or someone you can trust. Stay safe.

  4. All I can say is that if I were her friend and if I was there for her I would scream for help or I would do something to help her like what kind of grown man are you he just raped a 10 year old what the f***


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