Kouhai Reverses Your Teasing [ENG SUB R18 JPN ASMR]


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Hi, I’m Circa. I translate and occasionally re-master Japanese/Mandarin ASMRs, so that viewers who may not be entirely fluent in these languages can also appreciate the original works. I keep my channel unmonetized because I am not the original creators of the ASMRs.

Please do not re-upload my videos. Do not use my translations commercially. For non-commercial uses, please credit me as Circa Translations.

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  1. Can u pls uplaod the full cd drama + manfa ov junjou romantica with eng translations pls i really apprraciate ur work!!!!!!!

  2. i was watching this peacefully then i found out it was connected to the tv and it was a MESS omg the noise the translation below i- send help! omg

  3. voices changed

    I messed up …. didn't I?

    His voices changed like that one vine:" Stop touching me, stop touching me, stop touching me…. Stop touching me! Stop touching me "


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