Let's Play Jurassic World: The Game (Mobile) – Part 1 – POKING DINOSAURS


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  1. Not to be offensive in any way but I kinda yelled at my screen because I’m max level and seeing them not knowing how to play the game that well really hurt me internally

  2. Also you should connect to Facebook because I think your on guest and when I started a few years ago I had a 2 years worth of stuff and then it just restarted everything and I had to do everything again

  3. Why do i think jacob and i have a preety simillar voice?

    Edit:YAAAY!we reached 64K SUBSCRIBERS!

  4. here is what those things are you need to be lvl 25 and lvl 40 the one with 40 means cenozoic the one with water means marines reptiles /aqautic

  5. I have played for years and still have not gotten maxed level without spending money, you will have a long journey ahead!

  6. If you guys need any help playing this game better, I could offer some assistance or contact TheGamingBeaver on YouTube, we have both been playing this game for the five years it’s been out. See you two on the Flipside.

  7. They have a indoraptor in the game but you need a indomunus rex level 40 and 4000 raptor DNA to unlock the indomunus rex you need a raptor level 40 and a t rex level 40


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