Lil' Howie's Fun House The Great Math Adventure (1996)


Join Lil’ Howie, Stinky, and Digibot for a trip through the Fun House, where you can have fun while learning counting, sequencing, addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, patterns, place value, fractions, money, and reading the time and calendar! With Lil’ Howie and all his friends, learning is fun and can be the most exciting adventure of all.

Note to parents: There are ten skill levels in each game in The Great Math Adventure. Level 1 is the easiest, and Level 10 is the hardest. All games may not be available for all levels. (The first time through the program, the level is based on the child’s age. The following trips are based on the child’s skill in the game. For more information on levels, see Setting Levels for Games.)

Lil’ Howie is glad you came to visit, and wants you to sign his guest book. Type your age and press Enter. Then type your name and press Enter.

Just like at any clubhouse, you need a special name, so pick your favorite nickname. You can choose from twelve fun and silly names. To choose the nickname you want, click it twice. If you can’t make up your mind, Lil’ Howie will pick one for you. After you have finished signing in, join Lil’ Howie and Stinky in the Fun House. You’ll have to find your own way in, so click around for clues.

Lil’ Howie will take you to his Library first. Because this is your first visit, you may want to let Lil’ Howie take control and guide you through a wild adventure into the world of numbers: The Great Math Adventure. It’s always fun to watch Lil’ Howie drive, and he’ll want to show you his favorite places first. Once you’ve completed The Great Math Adventure, you can go on it again, or explore at your own pace in Freeplay by clicking NOT!

Lil’ Howie and his friends, Stinky and Digibot, welcome you to Lil’ Howie’s Fun House. The Great Math Adventure has six fun-filled and educational games for children ages six to nine.

Start off in the Library, then hop in Digibot for a trip through the Maze. Whip up some ice cream as you learn counting, sequencing, and patterns; uncover animated pictures and test your memory while matching equations with like answers in Catch A Match; soak Stinky with a water cannon while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; play hide-and-seek with Stinky as you learn about time and the calendar; blast asteroids while learning money skills; and use the Fractionizer to build a new room for Lil’ Howie as you practice using fractions.

Notes to adults: This book is directed to your child; however, this is a perfect opportunity for you and your child to read through the manual together. The Great Math Adventure is both educational and fun. You may find that you enjoy the program as much as your child does.

To create the Adventure Series, we start with what every kid loves: a great cartoon. We take curricula from California, Texas, and New York, and design a scope and sequence that facilitates learning. We develop an exciting adventure that includes five years worth of curriculum so younger children have a place to go and older kids have room to grow. The curriculum is designed to augment what your children learn in school, while the adventure fulfills every child’s need to have a good time and explore new experiences. This is where Lil’ Howie, Stinky, and Digibot get into the act. Their antics will keep children entertained for hours, and teach valuable skills along the way. Children keep coming back to our adventures because we integrate the natural inclination children have to play with the joy and challenge of learning. The more they play the games, the more they learn. The more they learn, the better they do in school. Smart software levels children according to their abilities so they are appropriately challenged and never get frustrated. Learning doesn’t have to be fun, but it’s a great place to start.

There are several approaches to playing The Great Math Adventure. In the Library your child can choose to go on The Great Math Adventure and become familiar with each room while Lil’ Howie does the driving. Your child’s score will be compiled and the skill level will be set for future games. Your child can choose NOT!, which will let the child go through Freeplay, and not on the adventure. Your child then has the opportunity to practice each activity at his or her own pace.

A skill level will be set for future trips through the Fun House based on your child’s performance the last time through the adventure (or, while in Freeplay, the last time that game was played).

Voice Characterizations:
Howie Mandel
Maurice LaMarche
Jamie Cronin
Sara Ezrin
Kevin Dorsey
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  1. Holy shit i think i played this, i was tying to remember a large network of conveyor belts but this seems distinctly memorable lmao

  2. Yooooo this is how I learned how many months are in a year!!!! I loved this game, I actually learned more in this game than in school tbh. My dad gave me this game and wow did it benefit him 😂 31:11

  3. As a kid I was so intrigued with this funhouse. It was so mysterious with how huge it was and all the weird shit that happened inexplicably in the background. It just didn't feel like your standard fare of saccharine edutainment games.

  4. Gosh, me and my bro always rofl-d during the Ice Cream being shot into Stinky's mouth and his noises, followed with the squeaking of the cycle….gosh, these games were amazing.

  5. Howie: "It's a bee! There's two bees, well not two bees really but it's one very angry bee!". Stinky: "Youch!! That's what I call a bee-hind!". Man I love this game!

  6. I am still trying to figure out how to play the game. I've tried dosbox, and a few other things.. Idk what to do here.

  7. When I downloaded it and tried to unpack the rar, it said the file was either in unknown format or damaged. it's in rar format so that's not the problem, do the file must be damaged?

  8. I loved Soaker. It was such a fun game to me. I especially loved how everyone from the ballroom were in each of the Soaker levels.

  9. Thank you for uploading such an integral part of my childhood to YouTube, but I really cringed sometimes at the way you were doing certain things

  10. Oh yes. This game. It was fun and I liked it…but the characters always unsettled me on a level I didn't understand. At least they actually had one of my nicknames, though–Scooter. It sounded like they were being incredibly sarcastic when they said it though.


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