LSPDFR SP E26 – Noose Team


Join me and my Noose Team in LSPDFR!
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Mods featured in this episode, now categorized by [[CATEGORY TITLE]] :
LSPDFR 0.2b –

Cop Holster –
More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter –
Player Location Display –
PoliceRadio by FinKone –
ScripthookVDotNet –
ScripthookV –
Simple Trainer –
Speed Radar –
Spotlight –
Traffic Control –
Vehicle Search –
Semi-Realistic Vehicle Physics –

CalloutsV –
Code 3 Callouts –
MoreCallouts –
StraysCallouts –
Wilderness Callouts –

Improved Spotlight and LED’s –
Realistic American Siren Pack –
SAHP Highway Patrol Car & Uniform Pack –
San Andreas State Troopers (Ped.) –
San Andreas State Troopers(Veh.) –
Tir6 LED Lights –

Code Zero Gaming Channels
Alex –
Buggs –
Chris –
FroogleSim/Pete –
Jeff –
Polecat324 –

Intro Music is “Halt and Catch Fire Rework” by Mythical Vigilante


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  1. 26:30 – top right, you see a black man get pulled out of his work truck. he then manages to pull the high-jacker out and starts beating him up. 26:40 – Zach guns down the black guy for trying to get his own truck back…..just your usual news story

  2. If you are having trouble with handling and speed on the armoured van you should use the Granger for the Noose


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