Magicmaker Any% Speedrun (34:12)


So first off, no. I do not plan to take speedrunning this game all that seriously. It has way too much RNG. It is fun though. I wonder if maxed out New Game+++++++(however many +s is the maximum) might be a more fun category.

Every level except the tutorial and the end game is randomly laid out.
The quality and quantity (but not the type) of spell material drops you can find in each level are random.
Which forms of each boss shows up are random.

So yeah, lots of random swing in times.

I made a major mistake in forgetting to get the green gem during the first castle stage, which meant I had to get all the gems in the second stage. Unfortunately I had a REALLY bad layout for it. The gems in the jumping armoires only break out by hitting against walls, and two of them were right next to a big open area with no walls.

I was also very unlucky and only got a single rift crystal drop, so my wand didn’t let me blink through as many walls as I would have liked. I probably could have fixed this by switching Spell 2 to rift crystal and wand to laser, but that’s something I just thought of in hindsight.

Everything else went more or less okay. There are some visual glitches for some reason, I think this game doesn’t like my video card or something. It doesn’t do anything to gameplay though.


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  1. what happened with the weird teleportation in the beginning of the desert? I don't see a teleport crystal anywhere in your spell


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