Magicmaker is Ridiculous – Games are for the Birds


Originally uploaded on 11 Dec 2018
Rewatching this recently I felt very uncomfortable that the video was deadnaming Patricia Taxxon several times. So I re-rendered the video with new text.
The content of the video is otherwise virtually the same.

This time on “Bird talks about games with customisation systems and procedural generation mechanics and indulges in an uncalled-for Dark Souls tangent”: Magicmaker.
Oh wait that’s neither the name nor the point of the show? Oh no.

Music Credits:

“Baltic Levity”, “Crowd Hammer”, “Digital Lemonade”, “Graveyard Shift”, “Inspired”, “Lord of the Land”
by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“A Fine Day for Magic – The Magicmaker OST”
by Nick “Woah Constrictor” Paavo (

Videogame Footage:

Magicmaker –
Dark Souls –
Mercenary Kings –
Destiny –
Overwatch –
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy –
Hitman –
Lords of the Fallen –

Additional Footage

by HBomberguy –

“Getting Over It | An Exercise in Compassion”
by Patricia Taxxon –

Special Thanks

cattun –
Broeckchen –


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  1. It's been quite some time since your last video. I miss your smoothing voice but i'll keep waiting for your next content!

  2. Hey there i came back to hear more of your nice voice and check if a new vid came out and noticed the likes and dislikes are disabled did you get dislike bombed?

  3. Just stumbled across your channel and adoring the sheer quality in all of your uploads! Especially enjoy the attention to seemingly less mentioned games.

  4. You genuinely sound like someone that has a lot of experience making videos like this. Very well done, very well done indeed.

    And I love your bird. So cute!

  5. Oh wow i found you out just today and i am speechless at the quality of your vids keep up the good work i hope i can see more of your vids in the future

  6. Darn, I had put a bit of time in but the platforming killed my interest before I got too deep.
    But if a bird is going to tell me to reinstall it, I guess I have no choice.

  7. I still love this review so much- It's such a joy to listen to and watch! Thanks for the re-upload with the corrections!


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