MARCELINE GOT AN IMPROVEMENT | What if "Adventure Time" was a 3D Anime Game #6


You thought Princess Bubblegum’s had an update? Well, Marceline wants to prove you wrong…

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About: (dev description) What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D Anime Game

A fan-made action game of Adventure Time, turned into 3D anime.


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  1. Adventure Time…was…not ruined. I'm glad that the devs knew that it was perverted, I can actually watch it!

  2. If the character can run around in a semi open world environment, then its KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!! Seriously bro, double jumping, and air recovery moves aren't owned by kingdom hearts.

  3. Just had my first cheese ball. Tastes so good! Ok, sorry for wasting your time. cue sad music and forever alone meme

  4. Mega milk is a reference to a certain internet "comic". Obviously it is NSFW and has more Wincest than a Supernatural story.


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