Miscrits VI #34 – True Mastermind


Possibly the final episode in Miscrits VI! Enjoy!


Welcome to Volcano Island, the next land in the world of Miscria. Hundreds of new Miscrits to capture, train and battle in this exciting, rich, and even more expansive game.

Miscrits of Volcano Island, is an expansion of the most diverse, deep, ambitious project we have to date. The world of Miscria invites players to experience Facebook gaming in a whole new way. Packed with rich, inventive content, Miscrits will captivate players with it’s vast array of art, special effects and animation, exclusive creatures and special content, and dynamic PVP gameplay that players have never experienced in Facebook gaming to date.

There is something for everyone in Miscrits of Volcano Island — so join us in Miscria!

Nguồn: https://uwallpaperhd.com/

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  1. Who's from 2020? Good news, miscrits will come back, but the name will be mystopia yet it's still miscrits so yea im freakin' excited!!!

  2. It's never coming back. Unless someone donates a LOT of money to the creator to recreate brokenbulb studio and reupload the game

  3. I remember the time when i killed Apollo Nox, i was so happy. I was really good at the game and played it since 2009-2010, not sure… hope fizerits bring me the same old feeling

  4. If only the lots of players supported the dev.

    no wonder they were desperate for money by making dlc cause they r about to get bankrupt 🙁


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