Mobile Game Ads Are Cringe 2


👉 Mobile Game Ads Are Cringe 2 ; Mobile Game Ads Are Cringe 2 ; This is my reaction and commentary to some terrible mobile game ads all over facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit and youtube. Some of these are really awful and cringe. They usually are really bad and don’t advertise their mobile game in the best way possible. This has started a trend like mobile game ads vs reality or ads vs reality. This is because some mobile ads can be click bait or misleading. Even though the commercials are terrible, they can also be really funny! Enjoy!
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  2. I have a theory:
    Once there was a cruel, cruel, CRUEL person: he loved bad mobile reviews and wanted to see more…
    One day he brainwashed developers to make false ads and write replies that always stay the same.
    They are still brainwashed now…

    That's just a theory, A GAME THEORY!!!
    Thanks for reading!!!

  3. 5:15 I can’t reach pink where is the pink stone Zooms in at poop IS THIS THE PINK STONE
    Me: It’s the brown stone

  4. I think people who make mobile game ads are just trying to make money, and are not even trying to make their game ads make sense, nor make their game actually fun, like they're not even putting effort into their work.

  5. So I'm just playing my game, enjoying it and BOOM ad then BOOM appstore. I wish I could just play my game but NOPE I gotta download 50 more apparently. Do they think I like being bombarded with ads?? And that'll make me download their game and pay a bunch of unnecessary micro transactions????


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