MusicClues Plays: Slyder Adventures


So The Windows Store FINALLY WORKS and Fixed my Built-In Apps and The Xbox App. That Means My Sonic Generations Runthough can Continue! Yay! But I Needed to Test to make Sure It Worked OK Still. So I Play Some Games and Came upon a Game From my Childhood.

Before I Played Nintendo or SEGA, I played on My PC a Lot And One of the Games I Played was Slyder Adventures, A Puzzle-Type Game. The Main Goal was to get The Hero Slyder to the Goal. It was a Blast to play as a Kid and Replaying it was Super Fun.

The People who Made this Game Was Sandlot Games but they Went Out of Biz in 2012. Bummer when I Found that out. :/

They Also Made The Super Granny Games. I Beat the First One but the Others were Hard so, Yeah! XD

But Anyways, If you want to Play this Yourself, Here’s a Link:

And Yes, WildTangent is Still Around. XD

So Enjoy, My Friends.


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