NBA "Brother vs Brother" Plays


Love ur siblings, love ur family!!

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Intro: John Wolf – Anymore

Outro: Awesome Dreamer – Creator

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  1. There are alot a brothers playing the same professional sport nowadays.
    The Currys, gasols, Morriss, Lopez, balls, Klitschkos, Jones',watts, Kelses, I forget the names of those tennis brothers, the usos, the colons, the bosas, lots of siblings making that bread together.

  2. I wonder if the parents route for the better brother of each one or if they have to support them equally

  3. Also if y'all saw that game between the Curry brothers.. Portland was stupid for not giving the ball to seth more often everytime Golden state came back Seth made a important shot.. They only won that one game I think..

  4. With the Lopez brothers.. The one with the wild hair is better on defense and can shoot.. The one with the low hair cut is all around but not good on defense and better at getting boards.. The one who better at offence always do the other brother.. Now u see why Harden play lil defense..

  5. Imagine you and your twin both make it to the NBA that's crazy af 😂 the morris family is set for life ! 💯

  6. That’s all your heard in the last video “steph curry 3 Seth curry 3” like my head spinning right now lol a whole banging headache lol


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