Nintendo Just All But CONFIRMED The Switch Game Drought Of 2020


Nintendo recently showed it’s financial earnings report for April 2019 through May 2020. The sales numbers for Nintendo Switch consoles, and games are way up! Even the Nintendo mobile game division saw a significant increase in revenue. On the new Nintendo Switch games side of things though, things are looking bleak for 2020. Nintendo reconfirmed the release dates or a few games and left many as to be announced. Does Nintendo have some hidden ace up their sleeve, like the rumored 3d Mario game remasters, or will 2020 go down as possibly the slowest year for new releases in the Nintendo Switch’s life? Xbox went ahead and copied the Nintendo Direct formula and created Inside Xbox. We got the first edition of Inside Xbox for May 2020. It was a very meh showcase of some forgettable games in my opnion.

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