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Nintendo, once again, has a major game drought this summer. Splatoon came out May 29th, Yoshi’s Woolly World was pushed to October, and the next major release in North America isn’t until September 11th (of all days) – Super Mario Maker. The 3DS is no better – Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Puzzles and Dragons were the latest major releases – dating back months ago. My wife, Ivory, and I discuss our thoughts on Nintendo’s summer game drought.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s summer game drought? Is Splatoon really enough to hold you through the summer? Comment below!

Nintendo’s North American Release Schedule for the rest of 2015:
Super Mario Maker
Wii U

Skylanders SuperChargers
Wii U

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Nintendo 3DS

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash
Nintendo 3DS

Yoshi’s Woolly World
Wii U

Fall 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Nintendo 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Wii U

Holiday 2015
Star Fox Zero
Wii U

Holiday 2015
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival
Wii U

Holiday 2015
Nintendo 3DS

Q1 2016
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Nintendo 3DS
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  1. this video is a little old but i'll make a response anyway. My wii u waent completely dormant until i picked up splattoon late and now i'm playing less and less oh well mario maker is putting me on my wii u all day everyday.

  2. I haven't really noticed it (the "drought") personally. I've really been enjoying the Wii U games that I have. I've downloaded more than my share of awesome Virtual Console titles, and bought a couple of great original Wii games. Been busy with Amiibo hunting as well. Nintendo does however need to step it up with their releases. There should be WAY more Wii U games out there for us to buy.

  3. Is it really that confusing why Nintendo can't get 3rd party support? They make it hell for external developers to make games on Wii U in every way possible.

  4. That's true actually, E3 was weak with games for Nintendo but Playstation was the strongest. Exactly, more rare amiibo maybe

  5. Summer game droughts are never a big issue to me, mainly because I get to play a lot of games that I've been wanting to play for a while. So usually over the summer I play "retro" games, this year I've been doing metroid, last year I did Mario rpg's and next summer I might do zelda. So, I personally don't have an issue with the lack of games over the summer

  6. I totally agree. Nintendo of America is missing a great opportunity. I don't understand why it would take so long to release happy home designer in america after the japanese release. Maybe translation/localization…but 2 months?! Nintendo is making horrible decisions lately

  7. This summer may be a huge game drought but I think this year I plan on buying more Wii U games than ever like Legend of Kay Anniversary, LEGO Dimensions, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Mighty No. 9, Rodea the Sky Soldier, Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker, Shovel Knight and Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Wii U may be on its way out but I think I'll have plenty of games to keep me busy for a long time.

  8. I agree with Nintendo Collecting, Nintendo should be advertising the wii u since it is basically its last year as "current gen" however What he has said on Splaatoon I must say that it looks fun but should not be the rage for the summer one game will not give everyone the kind of enjoyment over the summer they wanted, Splaatoon  also had it's amiibo line discontinued in Japan, so it will be a failure by Nintendo and what I can see at this point is that the wii u will be represented as another failure just like the virtual boy back in the 90's. Also Nintendo seems to be surviving off of smash bros now and the Develop team seems to be making more DLC meaning more amiibo. Nintendo needs to accept the fact it needs more original games, and when I mean original I mean NOT MARIO! I think Star Fox needed another game and I am thankful it is here, What I would like to see is F-Zero to return for 3ds or NX, or another Kid Icarus game, Something less main stream EX(: Mario, Sonic, Pokémon,ect.) Earth Bound would be a nice touch. I don't think Mario is bad or anything its just EVERY YEAR there is a Mario game. Yoshi I am fine with, in his own line. Speaking of Yoshi Where do you get a Jumbo Yoshi figure like in this video? If anyone knows please respond.

  9. I agree on Yoshi. Woolly World should definitely be a Summer title, it
    should be a July release in NA at that. But Nintendo are basically holding onto
    the title to fill in their holiday line-up, similar to what they did w/ DKCTF,
    delaying it for a few months to launch in February of last year when the game
    was done as they could have and should have had it out earlier.

    Also, when you think about it, there are currently 3 major Wii U games already released elsewhere in other regions, and not yet out NA!

    *Yoshi's Woolly World
    *Xenoblade Chronicles X
    *Fatal Frame

    And come August, we can add Devil's Third to that list as well as that game will practically be launching everywhere but NA as Nintendo have yet to even announce a release date for that game in NA. So by then we will have 4 major Wii U games out everywhere but NA.
    That's a joke.

    This philosophy Nintendo has with not releasing games in the Summer is ridiculous,
    as last year they relied on Mario Kart 8 to carry the Wii U for 3 months and now
    this year, Splatoon.

    Hopefully, Fast Racing Neo hits the eShop in August.
    I have a feeling it may.

  10. I've been replaying through the Pikmin line of games. They are as awesome as i remember and Pikmin 3 is the best game of all time.

  11. I agree there aren't many new games for wii u and 3ds hopefully they release more games like Yoshis wolly world soon.


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